Getting Sorted

>> Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So...I thought I had everything all sorted - my classes, teaching assignment and especially my schedule. It was - at one point - particularly beautiful. Tuesdays - class from 9 - noon, lecture 1 - 3, seminars 5-7. Period. All on Tuesdays!

I liked that. A lot.

But then I discovered that the course that I'm auditing is now on Wednesdays. No biggie - so I would have to stay over one more night at our Peterborough house. But still, doable; nice and compact. AND the course is only one semester, so NEXT semester would only be Tuesdays. That worked for me.

Went to my TA meeting and left enthusiastic about the changes that have been made since last year; was really looking forward to... ack!

I received an email, just as I was leaving that meeting. Due to registration numbers, my TA assignment has been changed. The new course - Women's Studies - is great; I'm looking forward to that. BUT the schedule! My nice compact schedule! WAH!!!!

I looked online to find the times/days for the WS lecture and seminars....ACK! ACK! ACK! The lecture is on Thursdays, and the seminar times are spread between Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mondays would REALLY suck. And fortunately, I was not asked to do those. I whined, first thing. LOL
Right now, I am assigned two seminar times on Fridays...which is not ideal - it puts me in Peterborough over 3 days each week, rather than the one or two I prefer... but it is DEFINITELY better than Mondays would be!

There's still a possibility of a switch to Thursday seminar times; the prof is going to try to work that out for me... but if not, Fridays will have to do.

Sure a very long way from my nice Tuesday schedule though :(
And this week, we're having a meeting on Monday. Blech!


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