Bluddy hell!

>> Monday, October 11, 2010

already SO far behind where I wanted to be for my comprehensive exams by this point :(

like as in really REALLY far behind.

When I started the process, I put together a list of all sorts of women's studies articles that I thought would be good to read.

But then I met with the person my co-ordinator said to ask to supervise me. Did what she said. ... which was to narrow the focus. Big time. I really like her, and find her feedback very useful.

BUT I was a bit concerned that she wanted me to get to working on my annotated bibliography before we sent the tentative list to the other 2 people on my committee.

SO. I met with her again, and we agreed that I would send the list.

Sent it out on Friday. Both of my committee members responded today - it is TOO narrow. Back to the drawing board.

Shoot me now.


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