And so it begins...again

>> Monday, September 6, 2010

A new school year, that is.

Now that I am finished my coursework for my Phd, my primary focus will be on preparing for my comprehensive exams.

Had a few problems that have delayed my progress; had hoped to be further along by now... but still on track, I think, to do my first exams (a written and an oral) before Christmas.

Then the second by the end of April, and hopefully, be ready to defend my thesis proposal by this time next year.

At least that is the plan. ~stuff~ happens - constantly - but so far, in spite of all that, I've managed to get things done. Even when I broke both wrists at the end of my first semester of my MA, I managed to get everything done.

So - a little bit of trauma, non-stop nightmares & relationship challenges... meh... just have to keep on plugging.


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