4 Weeks! Bad Blogger!!

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

Just saw a link to my own site on Stephanie the Rocket Scientist's sidebar and it said I hadn't updated in 4 weeks! 4 weeks!!! Where does the time go?!

I haven't accomplished anywhere near enough work for it to have been 4 weeks since my last update! I have done some - working toward my first comprehensive exam - got my statements written and approved by my advisor, and put together the preliminary bibliography. Now I'm onto annotating it - slower going than I'd like, but it's difficult to sum up an entire work in a paragraph without actually reading the whole thing, right? Will get 'er done - before the 23rd of August.

And then I'll send it to my advisor and she'll send it back with edits and so on and so on ... hopefully will have it all finalized and done by the time the new semester starts.

Other than that, I've caught several really nice bass, played way too much Zoo World on Facebook and dealt with .... ~stuff~

KidStuff, tenantStuff, computerStuff, relationshipStuff, moneyStuff, healthStuff.... just stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. And stress.

Funny ... I have much LESS actual work than usual on my plate right now... and yet I am constantly aware of a feeling of anxiety/panic. Am I less anxious when I'm actually working, going to school, etc. etc....? I suspect not. I think that the difference is that when I am busy I don't have time to pay attention or notice how I feel. I do believe I need to get busy again!


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