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>> Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I FINALLY have an advisor for my first comprehensive exam!

Honestly, I was beginning to get a complex. Not only were people not exactly enthusiastic about the prospect of working with me, there was a major lag in even getting a response! Really frustrating to have to wait WEEKS just to be rejected. But anyway ... that's over with, I have an advisor and one committee member (still need one more but hoping that will sort itself out now that the rest has).

So ... now I can get down to work again. First task is to write very short statements re: what I am going to focus on in the two main sections of this reading list. Only 6 sentences - but harder than it looks!

Then a preliminary bibliography of approximately 50 books/articles on that fit in those 2 topics - and then an annotated bibliography.

And THEN I will start reading and writing my way through those 50 books/articles and master all the material and then - sometime before Christmas - I will write the exam. The written exam, I'm not too worried about - the oral that follows a week later will give me fits!!! ... but will worry about that later... first things first!

And then I'll start all over again with a new committee and new topic. Hoping to get both exams done by April or May of next year... perhaps a bit optimistic, but hopefully once I've been through the process once the second won't take as long to sort out.

I can always hope!!!


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