>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I completed all of the requirements for my Master's degree back in August of 2009 - they sent my degree in the mail shortly afterwards. And I have been entirely focused on my first year of Phd studies since then. So it seemed almost silly to bother to attend convocation last week.

But I had heard good things about Trent's convocation ceremony .... and anyway, hubby and the rest of my family all think I should go.... so I did.

It was definitely worth doing, even so long after the fact.

I really do like Trent's convocation. Graduands gown and gather on one side of the river - and the ceremony is held on the other. The procession, accompanied by a piper, takes you past several buildings in which one can see the (gowned) reflections of the group, which is an experience in itself. The ceremony itself, like all convocations I've ever attended, was, of course, too darn long - in this case made even longer by the hot sun and lack of sunscreen (they provided it for visitors but not for us; guess we are supposed to be smart enough to anticipate the need!).

Having the piece of paper hanging on my wall did not really make me feel as though I had accomplished something just by getting my MA - but walking across that bridge did. Now I'm looking forward even more to the next one! I want one of the red and gold robes and a funny hat too :)

Shooting for 2013 ceremony; seems a very long time away - but also not long enough!


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