The Late Professor(s)

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cranky today - several reasons (inconsiderate tenants, papers due tomorrow, and boring readings I need to get through in the next hour being not the least of them) ... but one of them is yet another experience of one of my pet peeves about ~academe~

I absolutely detest it when profs can't be bothered showing up on time for class.

I have had several profs that made a habit of being late. No explanation, no apology - just walk in anywhere from 10 to 30!! minutes late and start the lecture.

Such behaviour irked me when it was at my undergraduate uni, where class sizes were typically <30 students - but now, when we're talking, at least in the first year course I TA for, >100!!! students, it is just that much more offensive.

It is rude. And disrespectful. And ignorant. And, oh yeah ... just plain RUDE, too. Yes, I know I said that twice. Once was not enough.

Today's offender also irked me by putting notes up on the overhead ostensibly so that we could see what he was talking about - but removing them again so quickly that there is no way in hell I could find the heading(s) I needed quickly enough to ~get~ what I was trying to make notes of. Full pages of text, far too small a font to be useful - drop on overhead, point, lift sheet and take it away. Why bother?!

It frustrated me, you may have gathered!


  • Patricia Rockwell

    I agree and never understood professors who behaved in such a way. Maybe that is why I always arrived for my classes early--I guess so I could talk to my students and let them ask questions.

  • Phyl


    I remember at University of Calgary it was a rule: if the professor was more than 15 minutes late, the class was considered cancelled and the students could leave.

    Unbelievable. And unprofessional.

  • coach outlet

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  • shorter college

    Those kinds of professors are really irritating especially the once going to class with the borderline of free cut (in my university if the professor is late for 30 mins it is already considered a free cut -- you can go home already). Some professor are even a lot more rude by not going to class without telling the class. We are paying a lot for our education. They must know how to respect our rights.

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