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>> Sunday, May 2, 2010 when did I last update this blog?

I suppose I shall have to go and look... okay, so March 10. That is not SO long ago. But I have, over the last several months, done an abysmal job of keeping up. Here's hoping that now that I am done with my coursework (insert happy dancing here!!!) I shall do a better job.

Haven't heard yet whether I actually PASSED all of my coursework... so that happy dancing might well be premature - but let's assume that I have :) Would really suck to fail a course for the very first time EVER in my last ever semester of school, wouldn't it?! ACK!

Anyway... moving on.

Finishing coursework does not mean that I am finished with school. This year I will be doing my comps: reading 2 sets of 50(ish) books that I select with a committee of 3 advisors and then writing a 4 hour exam about them. Once I pass those - and a French test, I will be ABD and have another couple of years to write my dissertation.

I would LIKE to think that I can get my dissertation done more quickly than that - but the reality is that I am likely to have a whole lot of challenges and delays in getting information, and getting through Ethical Review boards and so on - so it is not likely.

I changed my dissertation topic, did I tell you? No, I see that I didn't. That will be a good topic for my next blog post then, won't it?

Y'all come back now, y'hear?


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