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>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well, I flew by here just to add a link to Jennifer's blog to my blogroll...but since I am here.... might as well post an update, eh?

Almost done! Not the whole Phd, obviously - but almost to the end of the first year ...which means almost finished all of my required coursework.

There are SO many courses that I still want to take - and I probably will audit some - but when I get to the end of this semester, no more required ones.

And I'm passing even - and believe me, I had doubts!

And today I managed to fire off not 1, not 2, but 3 papers I needed to get sent off. Well, 1 paper, 2 proposals.... same difference. Next up is a proposal re: the paper I'm going to write in my Can Lit --> Film course...and I have to write a 30(ish) page proposal for my thesis ... and one more short paper for my core course, and... well, still lots to get through...but I'm managing to get things done (and pass, did I mention I am passing?) and I am (mostly) having fun.


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