Orientation Week

>> Saturday, September 12, 2009

So ... first week of school was actually quite a bit more interesting than I expected.

Last year, when I started my MA, I alternated between frustrated because I was not getting information I needed and bored out of my mind during most of the orientation sessions. I honestly expected this year to be even more tiresome, since I've got the year behind me.

But it wasn't. Oh, there were a few bits of the program orientation that I really didn't need and didn't get much from - but on the whole, I felt that my time was well spent and that the PTB were conscious of the range of people they were dealing with - not addressing everyone at the lowest level. I REALLY appreciated that..... especially when it came to the TA training session I went to. Last year I did several days worth of sessions - and all of them presumed we knew nothing. This year the one I went to assumed that we did in fact have a clue and something to offer - and it was very worthwhile.

Off to a very good start, I think.


  • Stephanie B

    Things are all falling into place.

  • Flemisa

    Glad it is showing an improvement from last year. Makes it an easier start. Hope it continues to go well for awhile.

  • Laura

    Heh! That's kind of how I felt about the web institute I attended a month ago. One class in particular sure felt like it was assumed we had no clue what we were doing and had never taken any higher-level coursework before. The second class didn't go quite so low level, but did keep repeating over and over for 3 days. - I'm glad the doctoral level didn't treat you the same way.

  • Jean

    I am an Academic Coordinator for a small, private, college that has four extended campuses to serve the adult (primarily military) nontraditional population. I've been asked to design a one credit hour orientation for this population of students. I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who wants to make a suggestion as to what should be incorporated. You can reach me at strand@campbell.edu. Thanks!

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