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>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm sitting outside at school - got here way early so that I could find the room, have dinner, and smoke before my seminars start. Done all that now though - and it's almost time to go in.

MY seminars. I have 2 groups; the first at 6 has 11 people registered for it, my 7 pm group is smaller. Producing Canada - tonight we are doing mostly introductory stuff (index cards and lots of coloured markers; yay!) and talking about how to make our seminar times effective.

And then, if there is time, we will talk about homelessness and poverty.

This is the second week of classes - last week we didn't have seminars though, so I haven't met my students yet; am looking forward to it.

My own classes are off to a good start - SO relieved to have my first paper submitted for our core course - although still hating it. I get especially stressed out when we have to send them to everyone in the course, not just the prof; presumably will get over that eventually.

The other class I'm taking is REALLY interesting, and even though it too is a lot of reading, I think it is going to be time well spent. It's on issues of citizenship in Canada.

So - basically everything I'm doing these days is learning about Canada. Who knew there was so much that I didn't know!


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