>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sometimes things just work out so well!

Yesterday, I was on my way to lead my seminars - we're talking about social issues and politics in Canada - last week was poverty, this week the main theme was health care.

There was a table outside one of the lecture halls I passed - lots of flyers, etc - for a number of different ~issues~ ... and piles and piles of buttons. They had 2/3 different buttons for race-related causes, several re: environmental issues, and then others re: tuition fees and poverty.

I grabbed bunches of each. When my students' came in I asked them to choose a button from the mess of 'em on the table. Had them get into groups with others who had the same button and discuss their issue, and potential solutions.

Each group reported back to the whole group and from there it was an easy segue into everything else .... led beautifully into the content of the assigned readings and the lecture.

I was, you may have guessed, very pleased with how it went.


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