Summer School

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Only 3 more sleeps and then I'm off to start three weeks of summer school courses.

The first week is on digital humanities in Victoria BC, and then I have 2 weeks about editing Canadian modernist poets' work.... am really looking forward to all of it ...but the readings for that latter 2 weeks seems a ~bit~ overwhelming at this point.... 320 pages for the theory week, followed by 626 pages for the practice week that follows. I still have SO much work to do on my major research paper, although it is coming along.

It seems like my hopes of spending July & August doing MY stuff were a ~tad~ on the optimistic side... not likely to have much time to work on the MRP during the 3 weeks of summer school; that much is obvious.

Oh well... all I can do is try.


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