Bits & Pieces

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

Somehow today just seems to have been eaten up with them ....bits & pieces of things that needed to be done... but none that really make any difference in the BIG jobs that are on my to do list.

Got an email this morning about a progress report that I didn't know needed to be done .... so ended up spending some time finally getting my fax machine set up properly so that it could be faxed to me, since I wasn't inclined to drive 2.5 hours each way just to sign my name (although it might have been a good idea, since I have 3 overdue library books that need to go back there asap!).

And then, since I was emailing back and forth with my advisor, it seemed like a good day to get the proposal for my paper finished off and sent in finally got that done as well.

Ross & I went shopping and to get the mail (for all the good it did; the letter we are waiting for still didn't show up)... and I did do some work on both my presentation for next week and my MRP ...but it's a cold, wet, dreary day and it just feels like its been long and mostly unproductive.

I SO need to get motivated. And FOCUSED. Especially focused.


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