Ack! Some days this nontraditional gig is for the birds....

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

and I do NOT mean for the flitty little hummingbird sort!

What a day! I'm supposed to be smart enough for graduate school....but ....

First of all, at about 4 pm I was sitting in the very back of a very full room (a session about Palestine) when my phone rang. Oops! Forgot to turn it off.

My bad.

Hung up on sis - but listened to her voice mail and ACK!! it was TODAY she was coming to get me not TOMORROW as I somehow got twisted in my itty bitty flitty head.

So fine.... hadn't packed or checked out - obviously...but at the next available opportunity snuck out of the room, called sis and headed back to the residence to throw everything in bags and check out and all that fun stuff.

No big deal....except that all week, I have been putting off dealing with the file re: my interview thingie on Friday ... lots of time to deal with that.

Except that the meeting is THURSDAY not Friday...and the file that I was sure I rushed to attach to the email I sent to make SURE I had all the files I need....?

Well, it didn't attach to the email...and it aint on my flash drive either.

So here I be.... got sis' printer set up and ready to go.

Got letterhead.

But do I have the approved consent form and questions to ask in the interview?

Nope, nope, nope!

I suck.

Tried calling hubby...I'm sure he'll be THRILLED to have to find the file, attach it to an email and send it to me- - - NOT

good thing I learned him how to get into his new email program...too bad I didn't set it up on the right computer.... the one that HAS the file I need (please God!!) .... or do the 'how to attach a file" thing..... but anyway, he'd obviously gone to bed.... will have to call him in the morning and pray that he's awake enough to hear the phone.

Bluddy hell!


  • Stephanie B

    Whoops! I hate when I do stuff like this.

    I wish I could say I DON'T do stuff like this.

    But I have.

    Good luck!

    (Pssst. Send it to your sister in an email ahead of time if you can next time.)

  • Sherry

    Oh, my gosh. I truly understand and empathize. I started law school at the age of 54!!!

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

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