A Very Busy Week

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Am in the winding down phase of Congress 2009 now... have attended sessions of the 2 associations that I was most interested in. There are some others here and I might, if I get motivated, check out some other sessions and see what is happening in them....

Or I might just hang out in the Career Corner workshops today...really have not decided yet.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Brampton, and Friday, meeting with some people re: my research project - hmmm...still haven't done anything about a digital recorder...that would be good to have. It is raining though, and I don't, at this point, feel terribly motivated to go wandering into the city again. The only Staples I remember seeing was near the Home Depot hubby & I stopped at on our way into Ottawa - but I have no idea where that is in relation to where I am now. I'm sure my sister won't mind stopping at a Staples somewhere... or dropping me near one on Friday...will have time to deal with it during the day while she's working and I'm just killing time before my meeting.

Am very glad I thought to bring my umbrella. It is not only functional, but also beautiful .....dark green with hummingbirds and flowers. It was a gift from my mother, and it makes me smile every time it rains as I welcome the opportunity to use it.

Hmm...guess I am not going to a 9 am session :)

I'd best get off my butt and head over to the university centre or I'll end up missing things there too.


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