>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have been having a not very good week.

This is the second week of the summer school course I'm taking - I get to go home tomorrow!!!! and although I really enjoyed last week, this week, not so much.

Been really cranky, and having a LOT of very negative thoughts about whether I am really up for 2+ more years of Trent. I likes my house. I like Georgian ...I COULD just finish my MA and apply to go back and teach at the college level and....

well, yeah... be bored out of my skull within a few years and all ...but...

ANYWAY... today the secretary was in and not busy and I happened to think of my student evaluations .... almost didn't even ask for them because I was in SUCH a pissy mood... but I did it anyway and guess what????

They like me... they really like me LOL

Lots of really positive feedback from my students - comments about the variety of activities I offered and the effort I put into "helping us to better understand the literature" and they appreciated my use of technology and how quickly I responded to emails and so on.

s'almost enough to make me think I should keep going.


  • philly5113

    you better keep going! I'm rooting for you andd sooooo many others are too. You know we always start to second guess and get twisted because of the unknown. Of ourse they like you, and why would they not? stay strong and keep us posted.

  • flemisa

    Just imagine the comments from Ross and your biological family and your Gather family and your readership family if you stopped now!
    Nice to get the boost from your students in a written form and the thought that you could have a positive influence on even just some of them should be a big incentive. Maybe you should frame a few of them for moments like these.

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