A very long day and then some for this old nontraditional student

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An hour drive to school this morning - longer than usual thanks to snow, and an inordinate amount of very slow traffic that just would NOT get out of the way!

Teaching/giving a test review .... had told my class that I needed to be out of there early this week, but didn't make it - one young man took issue with some feedback I gave him - and with my unreasonable refusal to change all the rules just for him...and by the time we'd sorted that, it looked as though between the delay & the weather, we would be sure to be late getting to Peterborough for the formal presentation day - which would really have sucked, given that I was the provider of the laptop to go with the projector and needed to get there in time to get it up and running.

We made it though... but not with MUCH time to spare. Just enough time to get things sorted out (but NOT enough time to do that AND go to the little girls' room) before it was time to start.

Presentations went okay ... had a slight technical difficulty with mine, but soon fixed, and I'm okay with dealing with that sort of thing now. Noticed a typo in my speech - too late to fix it; was really consious that I'd stuffed up a particular word (thanks to said typo) but doubt anyone else caught it. No one mentioned it, anyway.

8 presentations, 2 breaks...did I mention it was a very long day?

Afterwards, we were all invited back to one of the prof's houses for a party. Wasn't enthusiastic about going (I am not much of a party sort of person) ... but it was fine; ended up staying longer than we'd intended.

Interesting conversation at one point during the party :) Several people talking about turning ACK!! 30 ...so old! Someone observed that turning 30 must be FAR worse than turning 50 ...no one has fun at 50 anymore so what does it matter? LOL Little does he know. Not that I'm there quite yet - but won't be long... and certainly will get there before I get my Phd :)

And then after the party, the 2.5 hour drive home.

As we walked out to the van, I was telling hubby about the no fun at 50 conversation and he laughed and observed that yeah, well, look whose packing it in and heading home at 8:30 p.m. Hmmm.... he might have a point!

Anyway - classes are all done for the semester... now if I can just get all my papers and so on done and handed in!

2 short papers and a proposal to finish tomorrow; then a 20+ pager for next Tuesday, another for Wednesday and 1 more for the week following. And THEN I can get my Major Research Paper done! Fun times... but I did the same amount of work at the end of last semester - and THAT with a broken left wrist and sprained right wrist. If I managed it then - and of course I did - I can certainly manage it now! And so I will.


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