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>> Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wow... it's Grand Central Station around my place today. Which is not good, as I have 2 major papers to get done - one for Tuesday and another for Wednesday.

Which wouldn't be SO bad, if I weren't doing the Easter dinner thing here on Sunday, and teaching all day Monday and again Tuesday morning. Don't quite know when I'm going to get it all done!

This is our first week of being home and hubby's been out talking to people and so on and they all know we're back so it seems like everyone is wanting something or other... have had people stop by to borrow stuff, another to drop something off, still waiting for one of Ross' nephews to stop by to pick some old computers up and so on and so on...

and of course, the phone just keeps ringing too.

But I'm making progress none-the-less... just have to keep on keeping on, I guess. And maybe give up sleeping for a few days!


  • Sherri

    Hi Flit! So have you crossed over to the "other side?" I do like having my blogger blog so I'm not restricted and I can talk about whatever I want to. The whole Entrecard thing is so weird. I'm not sure if I like the new thing with the paid ads just popping in. Maybe I'm just getting older and change doesn't do well with me...

  • flit
  kicked several of my friends for no good reason .... which irked me royally and triggered the move to blogspot.

    I have been unhappy with some of their recent ~directions~ anyway ... It's too bad...I used to really appreciate the fact that they were straight with us, and responsive to people's input... latey, not so much.

  • Sherri

    Yeah, that's a lot of change at once. The bad thing about leaving Today is you lose the PPP. Are there other places you can get that? Are you going to start another blog for fiction?

  • Stephanie B

    Hi, flit! You know I love you where ever you may be.

  • Studentmum

    Just stopped by here too. Nice to see another mature student site. Thanks for commenting on mine too.

  • flit

    probably will, but not until I get my essays written 3 big ones and 2 smaller ones all due by April 24, so I'm a bit overwhelmed right now

    I figure I'll lose my PPP status by the end of April, anyway ...I don't get nearly enough traffic without Entrecard.

    And at the moment I seem to be locked out entirely .... could be a glitch, I suppose, but...

  • kashicat

    A glitch. So that's what they're calling it now, eh?

    Just kidding. But I hope you're not permanently locked out too. As I said elsewhere, we ex-Td.c bloggers should form a club.

    I'll add this blog to my "Special Pals" section on my new Bookishgal blog. Let me know if you do decide not to do the two Today blogs any more (or you get exiled too), and I'll take the Fiction one off the blogroll.


    (Hm, the comment thing won't let me sign off as Bookishgal, so I guess I have to use Cultural Idiot instead. Must learn this "Open ID" stuff.)

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