>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

So ...found out that my university email account has been being obnoxious and not forwarding my email consistently! BAD BAD email!!

It could have led to me missing a perfect job opportunity ... fortunately the co-ordinator of the program emailed me about it separately from the group email that didn't make it through and this one did.

Will hold off on saying too much about it until I see if it works out - BUT - it's a work at home kind of job for the most part AND it requires a geek which I happen to be AND it would look very nice on my CV... assuming that some day I get around to putting one of those together.

The other email I missed was one about changing dinner on Wed. in Peterborough to lunch .... that SO does NOT work for me... Ross already had to tell his boss that he was't available Monday & Tuesday because he has to drive me to & from school (last week - final exams - OMG the MARKING I am going to have to do in the next week or so is UNBELIEVABLE) .... and that he needed to be done by 4 on Wednesday. That was doable - lunch, with a 2.5 hour drive on either side of it, is NOT. He says he doesn't mind and has offered to talk to the boss... but geez, that is a lot to ask.

This nontraditional student gig is hard enough without the complications of living in the boonies and not being allowed to drive!


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