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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

red Blackberry Curve
Apparently my Blackberry and Blogger don't get along so well.

I was bored while we were driving to Peterborough for lunch today I typed out a big long post about nothing much ...

and when I hit post, nothing happened. I lost the whole thing, somehow or other!

Oh well... it weren't nothing important... next time I try, I'll copy it first!

and I still love my Blackberry and am really enjoying blogging over here. It is a relief to be away from the problems at

Got the first of my three big papers finished and sent off today .... hoping to manage another one by Friday at 4 so that I can print it and deliver it to the prof who will not accept it by email so I can't have until Monday (the due date) because it is not reasonable to expect hubby to drive 5 hours to deliver it.


  • Studentmum

    At least it was only a blog post! (Though I am sure it would have been brilliant!!) I remember typing for about 30 mins on an assessed module message board some 'insightful' comments on contemporary poetry. I hit the wrong key and lost the lot. A lesson learned - save, save, save,and save again then backup all the time!

  • Stephanie B

    I used to get caught by on that all the time. I like, however, the self-saving feature. I accidently closed up my browser in the middle of working on a post, forgetting that I hadn't saved it. But blogspot had already taken care of it for me. I didn't lose a word.

  • Patricia Rockwell

    You are so techno-savvy! Your Blackberry could probably whip my old cellphone in a fist fight. I guess I don't worry about adopting new cellphone technology because I don't GO ANYWHERE! So I don't need one. You travel a lot, so you do.

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