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>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

The semester is almost over - tomorrow I have to go to a holiday tea in the afternoon, and photocopy a stack of readings I need to get done (and write a paper about) over the holidays.

Friday, I will proctor an exam, then go to yet another holiday tea, then go to an exam-marking get together - all of the TAs for the course I do are getting together to get all of our marking done...and then celebrate that they are done!

And then we'll head home... and I WOULD be all done and ready to spend some time doing the Christmas thing... if only I didn't still have a 25 page paper to write yet!

I have done SO much research for it. I have SO many notes and things to work it...but am truly struggling with the damn thing. The original due date is Sunday - she's told us we can take longer, but honestly, I do not want to - I want it off my plate so that I can take some time out to do the Christmas/socialization/relaxing thing... and besides, I have the readings paper to do for Jan 2, and then another 30 page paper due Jan 29 - so really DO need to quit dithering over this one and get 'er done.

I went to a workshop called "How to Write a Lot" today - there is a book by the same name that I need to order - anyway, the key point of the workshop was to set aside an hour to write every day - well, 5 days a week ...and DO IT. Supposed to set (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Trackable) goals for each session and track your progress... the whole hour a day thing sounds like so little - can't possibly get everything I need to get written done in that time, I think ...but am going to try it - and buy the book, as well... we'll see how it goes. First, though, I really, really need to get this citizenship paper done and handed in!


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