Gearing up for another year

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So -pretty much done my major paper -will send that off tomorrow. And that means that I will have met all the requirements of my MA program.

Been working on my RA position stuff as well... hoping to fire that off tomorrow too- although there will be a never ending stream of that stuff over the next few years.

But mostly my time & energy lately has gone into the whole house buying thing - we've got it pretty much all sorted now, although we heard today that the sellers' lawyer wants to delay our closing date - am not impressed with that, but oh well - not like I don't have plenty of other things to do to keep me busy in the meantime.

Got the syllabus for my core course this week - and am really, really looking forward to diving into the new program.

Funny how, a year ago, a 23 page syllabus - most of which is our reading list - would have stressed me out... this year, with the MA thing - and summer school - under my belt, I looked at it and was mostly just eager to dive in and get started.

A week ago I was beyond anxious about this whole Phd thing - now I'm eager to jump in ...and looking forward to the opportunity to learn so much more about all the bits & peices that have gone into the construction of Canada.

I can do this.

And I get to have all the fun of setting up two new offices with bookshelves galore - and ordering new books to fill 'em even. They really should have some kind of points/reward program on Amazon - that would work for me!

How 'bout you? Are you starting new programs/courses this fall? Are you gearing up yet?


  • Laura

    What fun! Getting to buy books for two offices worth of bookshelves. :) If you have the Amazon credit card you can get reward points for shopping on there. :)

    I hope your house situation finishes up soon!

  • philly5113

    Congrats! Onward, forward. You are making great strides. Good luck in gettng set up and in the new year. I am still hoping to get in the swing of things, mentally I am ready financially - can't get there. I will be watching you.

  • Stephanie B

    THAT'S more like the flit I know and love. Dive in, get swamped, and pull it all together in the way no one does like you do!

    I'm glad you're excited!

  • sundcarrie

    I got my books on Amazon and saved tax and 50 dollars. Sorry I had to share that I am going back to get my Masters in English. I have to take undergrad courses to make up the English classes I didn't get with my Social Work degree. I am excited, I love school.

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