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>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well, we tried looking at student housing last week when Ross picked me up in Peterborough... there is one company that seems to have a lot of it - but judging by what we saw when we stopped in at a couple, they really don't care much about the condition of their apartments.

They don't actually advertise or SHOW their apartments - just put signs outside, and when you call, they tell you to just go by - the doors are all left open. They don't even put anything on the door - so you're supposed to just wander around and peek in windows, figure out which ones are empty and just walk in - more than a little uncomfortable, I found.

At one place we stopped at, the banister was hanging by a thread, and the hallway smelled FOUL. We didn't go up - but it turned Ross off completely. There WAS one of their properties that I could live in - I rather liked it ...but he's now decided that student housing - and anything run by that company - is not for us.

So now I am looking for a somewhat better class of housing... found one property management company that has several buildings that would work for us.... hopefully that will work out. Sent an email and will call them tomorrow.

Me, I kind of like the idea of an apartment in a house - they tend to have rather more personality - but what the heck.... it's not just me. We'll sort it out.


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