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>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

cranky flit
Been fixing my screw up this morning. I calculated the second semester grades for my English students the same way I was told to do the first semester.

No one told me that I was supposed to do them differently this time 'round - I guess I was supposed to know, but I didn't..... so the final grades I submitted are all wrong. Yay me!

If I had done my undergrad there, I would likely have known ...but since I didn't....

Anyway, they are fixed now... and for most (all?) students, it will result in a higher mark, so I don't imagine there will be much complaining... but still.... frustrating as hell!


  • Kelly B

    no fun at all! I hate when I do something and think I've done a good job only to find out I was missing one little factor...bleh! At least it wasn't the opposite...where you gave them grades too high and had to take them back....


  • Stephanie B

    My own errors are the most frustrating.

  • Sandy

    Sorry you had the extra work, wonder why they were to be figured differently, seems odd to change systems mid way?

    School, ah..daughter is madly trying to finish her final paper for grad school; then she's done. We'll go for her graduation which is in a couple of weeks.


  • flit

    they didn't change the system ... just that everyone else knew how it worked and I didn't - and no one thought to mention it

  • Jena Isle

    That could be stressful. Re-computing grades and not great fun. One would rather check papers than re-compute. I'm glad you were able do it. Paper work is the reason why some people don't want to teach. Lecturing is a cool, but when one sits down and attend to the paperwork, then....it becomes a tedious process. lol...

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