Maybe this nontraditional student is enjoying time off too much

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One of the features of my nontraditional student experience - until now - is that I have gone at full speed. Always in overdrive - not just doing the school as student thing, but also writing, teaching, and whatever else I happened to have on my plate.

Once I started my university courses, I went full time - if they didn't have what I needed offered during the summer, I signed up for online courses through Athabasca U. Hell, I did Athabasca courses anyway - on top of my full time plus full time workload.

Now, I'm off. I take the mutt for a walk almost every day ... today I dug my garden bed. I've read hardly anything, haven't been working on my major paper (am waiting for approval from the ethics board, and feedback from my advisor). I watch stOOpid judge shows. I even do housework, much to hubby's surprise.

And soon, we will get the boat in the water and I'll go fishing.

I think I am going to enjoy this summer.


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