Nontraditional Students Do Lunch

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Am really looking forward to tomorrow in spite of all the CARP that went on here today - two of my nontraditional student friends from my undergrad university are coming here for lunch.

I bought pork souvlaki for the BBQ - made my own taziki sauce, even ...and I have stuff for a Greek salad, and strawberries and melon for dessert - all stuff I'm allowed to eat on my diet, of course.

It's not about the food, though ... it's about the opportunity to socialize with people that ~get~ it... the whole nontrad student thing. We're all English students, all old(er) and all married.

I SO missed having people like me at school last year.... and with my inability to drive, I haven't been able to get to Barrie to just hang out with people for MONTHS now...

Last time we planned lunch up here, it ended up being cancelled... sure hope this time is a go.


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