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>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

So - one of my essays is marked and will be available for pickup in the grad student office tomorrow. That irks me, rather, given that it was submitted electronically and the profs all know that I live 2.5 hours away - would have been nice to get it back electronically. At least the mark!

But oh well, I'm going to be there on Saturday anyway - so will find out the worst then. Will just have to try not to think about it too much between now and then!

Final marks were all due in today, so presumably all 3 of my essays are marked.. waiting on those, and also for my draft proposal to come back from my research advisor, and, of course, the ethics board response to my revised application.

I hate waiting!


  • Studentmum

    The turnaround on your essays is quick! We have a four week turnaround at the end of semester B, but a six week one in Semester A. I have to wait until at least the first week in June for my results.
    I hate waiting too.

  • Sandy

    Good luck. My daughter called a couple of days ago and had just finished her last grad school class. She's working on her thesis now and then will be done. Graduates in a about 3.5 wks.

    How bout you?

  • flit

    I still have a 50 page major research paper to do this summer - it's due toward the end of July, but hoping to have first draft done before I start summer school. I leave June 6.

  • Jenni

    I hate waiting. I'm so impatient. I want my grades instantly! LOL. My phonetics teacher still hasn't posted the final grades and I took them Wednesday. My Spanish Professor had them posted 5 hrs after the exam! Why can't all Professors be like that?!

    I was sitting here trying to figure out how you found my new blog. Then I realized we're friends on fb. I think school is rotting my brain!

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