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>> Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay, well this nontraditional student hasn't exactly been idle today - but pretty close!

I sent off my mark sheets for my ENGL1000 students, and my revised application to the Ethical Research Board - I decided that the hoop jumping in order to be able to do an online survey was just not worth it - will use existing research and whatever else I can find. So revising was mostly a matter of cutting out everything to do with that part of it.

PITA though - they do not provide a FILLABLE form - so I had to retype everything I wanted to keep. I was very happy to find a site that does not mislead users the way others I have tried have - Nitro now offers a free online PDF --> Word conversion tool and it works - no 3 page maximum no message saying its done and we'll give it to you when you pay us - no hassles at all.

I used it to convert the PDF form to Word and was then able to retype it and send it (they wanted it sent electronically but didn't respond to my email asking them for a Word doc that I could do that with).

Anyway, am all done with that - got approval for the revisions from my advisor and sent it off.

Went for a walk today - my sister-in-law called just before I was about to leave so I invited her to meet me .... so Scrooge and her new puppy, Max, got to spend some time ...well, sort of together :) They had a bit of a fuss at first so Max wasn't TOO inclined to get to close. Sis-in-law walks a lot slower than I do...but since I walk 2/3rds of the way before I meet up with her, and then back of course, it's not that big a deal. I need to get a hat - it was way too hot for me out there... a hat won't fix the heat, but might help some, I figure.

On the way back, Scrooge & I stopped and visited my friend Sue for a bit, then I came home and have been doing very little of anything since.

Am reorganizing my books, though ... I have 2 walls of shelves in my office and over the course of the last year they have become totally jumbled with schoolbooks mixed in with everything else all over the place. I'm clearing it out - a little at a time. Right now it looks like an even bigger disaster zone than usual - but it will get better.

Okay I am not GOOD at the idle thing. I concede the point.


  • Stephanie B

    Glad you're getting some leisure.

  • Studentmum

    Doesn't sound all that idle to me! Your book sorting is something I need to get around to too - they are separated into fiction & uni books, with some overlaps but I would like to sort them so I can go straight to a book rather than scanning the shelves thinking it's in one place when it's really in a comletely different spot! Re you pdf problem, I thought if you downloaded the latest (free) version of Adobe (Adobe reader 8) pdf documents could be altered/written on - its worth a try.

  • Patricia Rockwell

    It's true that collecting data online will make your application more difficult. Many of my students gave up plans to do so when they found out how hard it was to obtain permission. There's simply no way to provide protection for online users. Enjoy your free time!

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