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>> Monday, February 7, 2011

Seriously - you should watch this video! I tried to embed it here but couldn't make it work; sorry... but really... you should go and watch it and there is a petition you should sign... and there is more information, also.

Until today, I had no clue that there were still people - about 100 tribes! - living their lives free of colonialism/empire/us - or that many of these groups are at risk because of deforestation and illegal logging, among other things.

These are not, the Survival website clarifies, "lost" tribes - people know they are there (when it suits them!) - Survival International uses the term uncontacted, meaning that they are "Peoples who have no peaceful contact with anyone in the mainstream or dominant society." They might, at some point, have had contact - but retreated from the violence which colonialism brought. Some may once have been part of larger tribal groups, and split off and moved away, fleeing contact.... lots more information available in this FAQ.

Some commenters here seem to think that dominant society SHOULD impose its will on these people... (or that it is a hoax)... it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I am not one of those people.... everyone should, if y'ask me... leave them the hell alone!!! If they want contact at some point, let them initiate it.

And in the meantime, the areas we know they occupy should also be left the hell alone.

Just. Leave. Them. Alone.



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