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>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At this point I have most of July and August off. I'm going to a conference for a few days later this month, then doing my 3 weeks of courses in digital editing in June - and then, (aside from the small matter of a 50 page paper about publishing fiction for emerging adults in Canada), I'm done until I start my doctorate in the fall.

Was talking to a friend from my undergraduate university this week though, and one of the courses she is taking is one that I would be very interested in doing. It is a history of Canadian women course - so would be directly relevant to the Canadian studies program I'm going into.

It wouldn't count towards anything - which means, I suppose, that I wouldn't have to stress over the mark (yeah, like that is ever going to happen!) .... hmmm...I wonder if I might just be able to audit the course? That would be cheaper - could get the content - and the social time with my friend and other students, which I have sorely missed over the last year - without the stress.

The other challenge, of course, is the getting to Barrie every Tuesday thing - hubby is way too busy through the summer to be expected to drive an extra 160km/day to drop me there and pick me up again ... but if I could find a ride, it could work. Might have to look into that - see if I can find someone that's going there around the right times that wouldn't mind giving me a ride.


  • Studentmum

    I envy you the option of courses over the Summer. Our uni system seems to close down - to students anyway - from June until October. I have nothing really to focus on until I get the details & readng list (although I am reading random texts I think may feature or help) I have nothing academic planned. I could do with a short course to keep my brain functioning on the right level and to avoid the 'brain shock' I am sure I will get in Sept.

  • Exiles

    my own doesn't have much ... but my undergrad u does.

    I am hoping for some reading lists from the phd program... not holding my breath though

  • philly5113

    Nice going! I am taking the summer off as I have to pay for summer school for my daughter. Now she is in a hurry to finish after shes been dragging her butt through. I guess that my lott. I'll wait and get back to it in the fall. I might try an internet course, they cost less. Any thoughts on this?

  • Stephanie B

    I read this earlier and meant to comment. Bad Stephanie!

    I think, if this is a social thing instead of a burden and you can find a way to do so, you'd really enjoy this. If it because one more albatross, I think you'll regret it.

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