One Difference between Graduate School & Undergrad

>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

.... there is a whole lot more food! And much of it is free.

Gotta like that - although when you are on a <1000 calorie a day diet it can be a ~bit~ of a challenge.

I don't know if all universities provide free food to graduate students, but mine certainly does. During our Graduate Students' Orientation week there were all sorts of free meals - and then there were the Thursday teas at Traill, which featured cheese and fresh scones.

Some of our profs feed us too - and buy the first round when we go out after class :)

This week, one took us out for lunch, and another invited us all to a Gala event to mark the end of the Graduate Students' Symons Lecture Series (which I didn't get participate in all year as it conflicted with my TA responsibilities).

Definitely one of the perks of being a graduate student....although since I live 2.5 hours away from school, it can be difficult to take advantage of many of them. But we did make the effort this week.

Still haven't decided about the next big do which is on May 8 - a reception for all the graduate students. I probably wouldn't go, but I should have another scholarship check to pick up by then .... so for $5k AND free food, it might well be worth the trip :)


  • Kelvin from StudentBloggers

    I can relate that the school gives out food and like to spoil the students with free food. It's like all the time, when there's a meeting or an event, the incentive is food and it's like on every piece of paper about an event.

  • flit

    I've been known to use it to ...I wanted people to show up for the last class - to do evaluations and exam review - so I bribed them with pizza.

    Worked too :)

  • Kelly

    That's nice! I would be curious to know if all schools do that. I know you pay a lot for grad school, so I guess it's the least they can do.

    Question: Do you want me to put all your blogs under the Today exiles list or leave it as is with the former today blogs under today and the others under frequented blogs?


  • Patricia Rockwell

    We used to throw a big bash for incoming graduate students and all the faculty brought their favorite dishes. I always brought Fumi Chicken Salad. Some times I would take my graduate seminars to a local pizza place. When I broke my foot one semester, my graduate classes met at my house and I would (or my husband would) feed them because grad classes were held at night and it was hard returning to campus on crutches.

  • flit

    It's great the way it is Kelly; thank you

    (I don't want to overrun anyone's blogrolls LOL)

    Patricia, I suspect I would have enjoyed your class...although maybe not now that I'm not allowed to eat anything good :)

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