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>> Friday, April 24, 2009

So ...today is the day for my first year ENGL students' final exam. Hubby took the day off and we're driving down to be there when they finish so that I can grab my sections' exams - they all need to be marked and their final marks submitted by Monday.

I'm hoping to get most of that done in the car on the way home, actually... exams don't get handed back, so I don't need to do all the commenting and so on that I do when I mark essays (not that many of them seem to read the comments but I try).

Just remembered that I never did open the file that contained the exam! I guess I'll find out what was on it when I get them. The profs set the exam and although we get a copy, I don't like to have it potentially influence the final exam review I do with my guys, so I don't open it before that - meant to go and have a look after, but ....

Oh well. No big deal.

Still working on the last of my semester papers, about Robert J Sawyer's Wake and viral contagion in Canadian publishing. It's all coming together very well, but still time consuming. Hoping to have it handed in by noon tomorrow. The incomplete option has been offered and I was tempted but it would be SO nice to have everything done ....well everything aside from my major research paper, anyway. So ...will just have to stay up tonight until it's done, get up in the morning and proofread, and fire it off. Sounds like a plan, don't it?

Once that's done, will be back to blogging regularly.


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